HP Pavilion DM3 User’s Guide

You can download complete manual free pdf ebook. But here we share specific for manual category. The HP DM3 looks great from almost every angle. Since the chassis is modelled on the beautiful Envy series, it looks like an expensive laptop but costs almost hald as much as the Envy 14.

Like Sony Reader PRS-350 Pocket Edition, The metallic-effect body is smooth, with rounded corners and few LEDs or shortcut keys to clutter the minimalist appearance. The keyboard uses black isolated keys that not only look smart, but were great to type on too. Widely spaced and full-size, everything is in a logical place, but we did find one issue. To avoid breaking the design scheme by adding extra keys, shortcuts such as volume and brightness are paired with the function buttons.

While a lot of laptops do the same, the DM3 sets each shortcut as the default, rather than secondary action. This is annoying if you frequently use the function keys in combination with the Alt ket, as it also requires holding down the Fn key. We also found the touchpad frustrating in everyday use. The buttons were stiff and had long travel, while the silver material used for the touchpad was very resistive to surface movement.

Download Free Pdf Files Here



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